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Thank you for stopping by.

Hello! We are the Jayaraman's! I am Sri from India and I am VJ from Tennessee. We moved to Utah, Salt lake city for our jobs in 2018-2019. We loved hiking the Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, and also seeing the sunrise at the Haleakala National Park in Hawaii. As a family, we enjoy doing some deadlifts and abs workouts (lol trying to get rid of our kangaroo pouch) a few times a week and taking walks around our neighborhood. We cook most of our meals at home with a weekend treat yourself at a restaurant/takeout. We like trying new Spanish, Chinese, and Italian recipes along with Indian cuisines of course. We renovated the inside of our house and focussed on improving the curbside appeal now. We are excited to start this new journey in our life and grow our family through adoption. We have always wanted to adopt and we know we can love and support and provide everything that a child may need. We are more than ready. We are here for open communication and the support you may need. We hope to get this opportunity.



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Thank you for taking the time to know us!

We know this is a trying and confusing time for you while you are trying to figure out the best option for you and your baby. We hope that you feel the support and love that you need no matter where you are in your journey.

We cannot imagine how hard it might be for you to consider adoption for your baby. We admire and respect your decision. 

If you decide to make an adoption plan, we promise you that we will provide the support, the level of openness and contact as discussed below with your child. We promise to love your child with our hearts and souls and to provide a safe and secure home with the love and care that a child deserves along with all the opportunities in life. 

We hope you are at peace with your decision and may your journey through your pregnancy be a healthy one.

Thank you

Sri & VJ

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Our Story

When where and how did we meet?

In  2017 we connected with each other through an online dating website. We met in Atlanta and had a great first date. After one year of long-distance dating, we got married and had to do one year of long-distance marriage with frequently flying back and forth to see each other. We were finally in the same city (Salt lake) in 2019. 

When and where did we get married?

We got married at a marriage registrar's office in Tennessee just the two of us in 2018 and then had a religious ceremony and reception for friends and family later on.

Where do we currently live?

We moved into our first home in Salt Lake City in 2019

What do we do for a living?

VJ is a Physician Assistant working at a renowned cancer hospital in Salt lake city. Sri is an Economic Analyst working with the state government of Utah.

Why adoption?

Sri always knew that she wanted to adopt when she finds the right person in her life. After we met and decided to be together, Sri's plan became ours. We are ready to welcome a child and provide everything that a child may need. We are hoping to get that opportunity through this process.

What type of adoption are we looking for? 

We are looking for open and private adoption. We would offer two visits a year, letters, emails, and phone calls as means of communication and share photos of major accomplishments in their lives. We are open to discussing if there is anything else you might be interested in regarding communication. We are here to support the birth mom/parents and have open communication and a positive relationship. We are looking to adopt from anywhere across the United States of America. We are open to any race, ethnicity, and gender. We are hoping to adopt an infant between 0-6 months old.


About VJ

 I was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee. I never thought in a million years I would live anywhere west of the Mississippi River. I broke that rule twice when I attended grad school at the University of Oklahoma. And again after Sri relocated to Salt Lake City for work. When I am not taking care of cancer patients, I enjoy travelling, watching football ( Go Titans and Vols!), listening to all sorts of music (except for country), and going to the gym. 


About Sri

Hi, I am Sri. I was born in the eastern part of India in a metropolitan city. I first moved to the U.S. about 11 years ago for my graduate studies. Apart from my work, I like to paint and I like to clean and decorate our house. I love holidays (Christmas, new year, Diwali) and everything that comes with it. Family is a big part of my existence. We video chat nearly every day and it doesn't seem like they are so far away. 

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Sri's Favorites

Favorite Food: Biriyani

Favorite Movie/Movies: Most of Rock and Chris Hemsworth's movies

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite place to Travel: Italy

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VJ's Favorites

Favorite Food: Cheeseburger

Favorite Movie: Big Lebowski

Favorite TV show: The Office 

Favorite Places to Travel: New Zealand, Australia 

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